MH Design is a creative London based product design consultancy. We help companies at all stages of the product design process. From helping manufactures in China with front-end design: creating new concept ideas, product artwork and model-making. To helping British companies with the more technical aspects of design: from CAD to technical drawings, working prototypes, material audits, and manufacture.

Our Design Process

  1. Brief. We pinpoint fundamentally what our clients wish to achieve and develop a clear understanding of this from the outset of any project. We work closely with our clients and deliver early concepts through drawings so that the right direction is clear early on.
  2. Research. To ensure we deliver new concepts that are better than the existing market offering we thoroughly research what is already out there. We use metric analysis to analyse features such as cost, function, ease of use and aesthetics and score these according to what the user values most based on market research. As well as a technical analysis of competition we collect visual references to help create a library of inspirational imagery. We like to build a product from a collation of influences from relevant styes, cultures and trends.
  3. Design. We produce a plethora of concepts and solutions through drawings and build on the ideas that work. MH design is highly proficient and sketching and prototyping and exploits both of these skills to deliver exciting new products.
  4. Manufacture. Once a design is realised we produce material audits to cost manufacturing at the level of production required by our clients. We have also got good links to manufactures in China who can help produce products competitively.

Bespoke and Luxury Design

MH Design can help design and make one-off high value items that require a high level attention to detail and specialist knowledge of materials and processes. We have worked for clients such as Studio Swine, Based Upon and David Collins.